You need a jingle for your podcast, an audio guide for your museum, a voiceover recording or sound design for your video? 
I would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities and make you an offer so your story will be heard!

There are many ways to tell a story. In a concept and consultation meeting, I will explain the different possibilities and we will find the way that suits you and your story best.

Cooperation with professional speakers is essential for good voice recordings. The best equipment cannot replace a strong voice. That’s why I only work with trained speakers, so that your story stands out!

Especially in the video sector, sound design is of utmost importance: The strongest picture loses its meaning immediately as soon as the sound is not right. Imagine for example a waterfall without the sound of water. That does not work. Through my many years of experience in radio broadcasting, I have trained my ears on the importance of sound effects and atmospheres and know how to use them specifically for moving images.

Working together with professional voice talents and recording studios enables me to find the optimal mix of voice recordings and sound design for your needs. You will receive the corresponding sound files for finalizing the project.