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Get your explanatory video in 10 steps!

I focus on the production of explanatory videos (2D animation). These are often used online to explain complicated issues in an understandable way, to present projects and products or to demonstrate processes. 

An animated explanatory video can increase the attention and concentration of your viewers: they enjoy the video and stay open to the content conveyed. Contact me for further information.

concept & consultation

You need a brilliant idea for your video? I'm happy to advise you, share my ideas with you and create a comprehensible concept.


A well-told story stays in your head! The script creates the foundation for a great working video.


Each video I make looks different! The possibilities are endless and together we will find a way to make your video a real eye-catcher.


The storyboard combines the script and first sketches and shows what will happen in the video.


Through my time in radio I have the know-how, equipment and contacts to professionally dub your video.

animation & edit

Once the voiceover is ready, it's on to animation and editing to bring the design to life.

sound design

Due to the sound design the video now starts to resound. The voiceover is subtly accompanied with sound effects and atmospheres.


For your international audience I can create open or closed captions.

social media

Upon request and prior consultation, I will create additional formats of the video for social media.


Done! You'll get the final video from me along with a separate subtitle file.

Hi! I am Leo!

Motion Designer and Video Editor

In my work I focus on the conception, design and animation of explanatory videos, but I also love to be behind the camera and edit the movie in post-production.

Since 2014 I have been working in the area of radio plays and features for public radio and through this, as well as through my Master of Arts in German Literature and Media Studies, I have learned the technical, journalistic and creative handling of texts, dramaturgy and sound design.
Through working with advertising agencies I finally came to motion design, where I found my calling!

I individually respond to your wishes to create the perfect video for you.
The combination of text, animation, and subtle sounds and atmospheres plays an important role in creating a small piece of art that conveys your message, informs and entertains the viewers. Feel free to get in touch!

I produce…

…cool animated explanatory videos

Also, I do…

…video editing and audio productions

Do you need technical and editorial support for the realisation of your next video or podcast? Feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to advise you on every option and help you finalise your project according to your needs.


You need a narrative for your project? Together with professional voiceover artists I create outstanding voiceovers to get the best out of your project.

sound design

Your project is missing the right sound? I'll put the finishing touches on your project with a sound design that elevates the experience for your audience to a new level.


There are many ways to tell a story. Perhaps a podcast is the medium of your choice. I'll help you make your project audible.

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