about me

My name is Leo Zander.

I am an author and motion designer and have been working for over five years as a freelance assistant director for radio plays and features at WDR in Cologne.
Due to my long-standing enthusiasm for film editing and animation, I have been concentrating on the production of animated explanatory videos since 2019. Through my Master of Arts in German Language and Literature and my work in advertising and broadcasting, I have learned technical and journalistic writing and fictional storytelling and know how to make stories exciting.

Especially the form of the explanatory video is very appealing to me!

As an author I know how to present content in a short, precise and understandable way.
My designs vary from video to video and have the task of capturing the interest of the audience and conveying knowledge in an appealing way.

The combination of animation, spoken word and subtle sounds and atmospheres creates a small work of art with the goal of informing and entertaining the audience and leaving them with the positive feeling of having learned something through the video.