motion design and video production

In the field of visuals I concentrate on the production of animated explanatory videos. These videos are often used – especially online – to explain complicated facts in an understandable way, to present products or to explain the structure of a homepage. With an animated short film the attention and concentration of the audience can be increased. They have fun watching the video and are therefore open to the content they are experiencing.
In the following I present my ten steps with which I turn your video into a small piece of art!

Get your video or motion design in 10 steps!

You are sitting in front of a white sheet of paper, already have first visions or need fresh ideas?
I would be happy to advise you on the best possible presentation of your product and create a comprehensible concept that combines your wishes with my expertise and on which the rest of the video production is based.

A well-told story stays in your head! This applies to blockbusters as well as to explanatory videos. That’s why I fully concentrate on the script right after the conception, because now it decides whether a story works or not.

Many companies know how to create fast and similar looking videos from construction kits that no longer have any unique selling propositions. With me, every video looks different, because I think of a new aesthetic concept for every client. The design possibilities are endless and together we will find a way to make your video stand out from the others and make it a real eye-catcher.

The storyboard connects the script with first visual ideas for the realization. With the storyboard you can see in advance how the finished video will look like.

Thanks to my many years of experience in public broadcasting, I have the necessary know-how, equipment and contacts to have your video dubbed by professional speakers.

As soon as the voice recordings are finished, the animation and editing begins. The storyboard begins to live and move, so to speak.

Due to the sound design the video now starts to resound. The voice recordings are edited to subtle added sound effects and atmospheres.It is very important to me to incorporate a special mood into each video to make the audience feel more receptive to your message and leave them with a positive feeling.

You have an international audience and need translations in e.g. German, French, Spanish or just want your english text as a subtitle? No problem! I work together with different translators and can therefore enhance your video with open and closed captions.

Upon request and prior consultation, I will gladly create a shorter version of your video for the relevant social media channels.

It’s done!
We developed a suitable concept, created a coherent script, created an appealing design and transformed the video into a valuable and recognizable experience for your audience with the help of the storyboard, voice recordings, animations and sound design.

Just a few more words…

Now you know which steps my videos are based on. There is a constant exchange of ideas, progress and change requests in order to achieve the common goal optimally. It is important to me that you understand my visions for your video and can trust my expertise.

Look at that!

logo and graphic design

I design logos for print, web or in animated form for your videos, create animated infographics or design layouts for event posters, invitations or stickers. Just tell me what you need. 

Get your design in three steps!

I take my time for your ideas, make suggestions for the implementation and present you – depending on the agreement – several motives as sketches to choose from. If you do not yet have an exact idea of what you want to achieve with the design, I will be at your side and together we will find an aesthetically pleasing solution.

From the sketches the finished design is created in detailed drawing work, whereby I always consult with you in order to meet your wishes as well as possible.

Your desired design is finished and will be made available to you ready for printing.

Look at that!